According to full respect of technological standards and with compliance to the required international standard directions, Eurostandard is using the most sophisticated control systems, guanteeing high safety margins and reliability for each application type. At the same time Eurostandard proactively interprets Customer needs and expectations. Therefore, the key word is specialization: be leader on the market, in order to guarantee high safety and in order to grow in the production with respect to the surrounding environment.

Nicoll Siphonics Systems eliminate the air gaps created in conventional systems and allow water to be transported with smaller diameter pipes. In addition, siphonic systems that allow water to be collected and released at a faster pace allow you to reduce your landing points and also reduce your excavation costs. With the Nicoll siphonic system, you can control the rainwater that is suddenly going high. Nicoll Siphonics Systems are presented as a solution to you by making a necessary hydraulic calculations with a special design program designed by Nicoll Center.

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Our company Derinsu Boru Ek Parca Makina Hafriyat Ins.Tah. Hırd. Tic. ve San. LTD. started its activity in its own factory in the town of Adana in Turkey in 2007 and produces  PE100 Pipe Fittings and all sizes of Koruge Pipe Fittings.

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