U-Pvc Fittings

U-PVC Fittings

U-PVC Fittings
Derinsu has become professional at fittings production. Has taken into account this matter, Derinsu also manufactures U-PVC fittings for his customers.
The production is made with heat treatment to the pipes, using the highest quality pipes from the market. And those fittings may fit to each brand of U-PVC pipe, as the outer diameter of U-PVC fittings are all the same and compatible with each U-PVC pipe.

About Derinsu

Our company Derinsu Boru Ek Parca Makina Hafriyat Ins.Tah. Hırd. Tic. ve San. LTD. started its activity in its own factory in the town of Adana in Turkey in 2007 and produces  PE100 Pipe Fittings and all sizes of Koruge Pipe Fittings.

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